Practice Praying

Pray, sure, but do it in your very own private way. If you’re stuck, try this experiment.

Bring to mind an event or relationship that is not unfolding as you’d wish.  See if you can imagine good consequences from the outcome you dread. Or, see if you can imagine unpleasant consequences coming from the outcome you desire.

Allow yourself to remain suspended in uncertainty, feeling vulnerable or helpless between these possibilities.

This little experiment helps you step out of Desired Outcomes. If an alternative outcome arises in your mind, see if you can view it as coming from God. This might be a happier, more restoring, version of praying. It’s a technique for Letting Go, which is often useful in Grownup Praying.


About RayMunn

Husband, father, Zen guy, web designer, film-maker.
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