Practicing a Discipline

Try doing something regularly for yourself.

  • Don’t drink any soda or coffee maybe, or
  • ponder a sacred text every morning, or
  • walk a mile or two.

Do anything that settles you down deep inside, and do it regularly just for a week. Do it even if you don’t feel like it; it’s only an experiment. Then, at the end of the week, see if it’s worth doing for another week. Your experience is the Boss (not your partner’s experience or evidence from a weight scale or approval from your boss). The main point is to be doing it for you, not some “Should-er” outside (or inside) of yourself.

Don’t tell anyone how disciplined you’re being. Keep it a secret with yourself. Don’t tell anyone: it’s just an experiment, and it’s too early to know.


About RayMunn

Husband, father, Zen guy, web designer, film-maker.
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