Practicing Spacing “In”

If you’re spacing out often, be honest with yourself. (I’m calling that “spacing in.”)

If you need downtime, work it in; it’s crucial. At the very least, take a long walk; in the middle of it, sit down and let your mind go. Or just sit and stare at a wall with no radio or TV or visitors. If you take a vacation, be sure it’s not as exhausting as the other buzz you’re enduring.

But if it’s become acute and chronic, a counselor or therapist might help. You’ll learn that you must either

  • change your situation,
  • welcome it (truly accepting is not the same as resigning to it), or
  • walk away.

In bad-fit circumstances, these are the only responses available.


About RayMunn

Husband, father, Zen guy, web designer, film-maker.
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