Gettin’ Wild

Quick Look

Some of the folks I love the most seem to live for the weekend. The first half of their workweek, they spend their coffee breaks sharing stories from last Saturday night; the second half they plan the one that’s coming up.

“Wild and crazy” is a common theme; their favorite movies, news stories, and celebrities are “Outta‑Control” or “Off the Chain!”

A Tale

Going to the Jones’s home for a crab‑feast was a blast, straight out of my own red‑neck childhood. Guests are wearing Ocean City T‑shirts with cartoon characters that hawk hot cars, hot women, and hot places to party.

Their living room is decorated with beer memorabilia. My favorite is a can of Bud Light, imprisoned like a model sailing ship in a glass bottle, mounted on a plaque that says “Break in Case of Emergency.”

Fun folks.

I just learned they’re about to get a divorce.

The Tale Wagged

What’s going on with the American Weekend? I think it’s something like this. They don’t want to disappear, be anonymous. “Underneath this hard‑working exterior,” they seem to say, “is an eagle, a free‑spirit, a little crazy, unpredictable, able at any moment to bust out of the confines. Look out! I can get pretty wild!”

Lots of the people I observe in the mall look trapped, angry and desperate.

It saddens me to know that many return from an expensive cruise tired and disappointed. Their friends will be bored by their photographs. Their high-powered boat will not provide the expansion they’re looking for. The drunken spree will only make the “real world” feel more strangulating. It’s an inner contentment they long for, and they don’t have the tools to reach it.

These High Times are a groping toward freedom. When I get bitten by the reckless bug, I want to know how to scratch the itch, maybe even eliminate the bug.

Yeah, but how can I put this into practice?

Next time you’re battered by restlessness or boredom, don’t act it out: just sit with it, and wait for the insight.

Before you blow all that money on a trip you’ll never forget, just observe closely inside you what you want (or want to avoid). Grab the reins for a minute and get curious instead. Look that bronco in the eye.

When it settles down, then do what you will.

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