Practice Re-thinking God

Sneak up on your mind, and steal a peek. How does it do God thinking?

  • Is God a He or a She?
  • An It?
  • A Judge?
  • A Coach?
  • A Boss?
  • A Friend?
  • Deaf?
  • Mute?
  • Scary?
  • White beard?

None of these are wrong, unless you’re stuck on one of them, forgetting that they are only Maps.

Notice if you’re stuck, then experiment with some options. Could the Ground of All Being touch you via your next deep sigh? Try it. See if just sitting in your car for a moment in the parking lot can be as Big as church or a perfect sunset or falling in love.


About RayMunn

Husband, father, Zen guy, web designer, film-maker.
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