About Me

My first profession was college English professor, the second was pastor, the third was curriculum developer for an educational publishing firm. Lots of other non-professional survival modes could be mentioned.

I always loved words and literature and films, was always a student of spiritual stuff and how relationships work, often writing and photographing, (lately, film-making, too). Like many an only child, animals and plants and books figured prominently among my best friends, but lately an amazing wife has preempted them.

Ray Watkins

I am a Zen guy, but I’m not sure I’m a Buddhist. (I meditate, Zen style, every day, but I’m not aimed at understanding Buddhist doctrine). Since I live in a part of the country that’s almost devoid of Zen practice centers, I’ve learned how to meditate mostly via my own study. Zen is something I do, rather than another belief-system I try to figure out.

I would like this blog to support people’s effort to wake up, become what they feel they are destined to become, come home.


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