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Meeting My Dementia

Quick Look One view of Alzheimer’s — if a bit cynical and simplistic— is this: a filter is being turned off that enhanced our social success in the earlier decades of our time on the planet. As we near our … Continue reading

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Listening Like a Good Mom

“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.” D. W. Winnicot, Talking to Parents

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Happy Mother’s Way

Quick Look We’re all looking for Connection of some kind, and the clearest model, if you’re fortunate, is the ordinary (but more and more uncommon) mom. The Tale The little girl looked five years old or so. The woman looked thirty. … Continue reading

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Your Daily Dose of Delight

Quick Look “Delight” — I’m not talking about thrills or new desserts — is a really big deal, but, for many folks I know, it’s been drowned out. A Tale My wife consistently plays the piano. Sometimes her playing disappoints her, sometimes a new piece seems … Continue reading

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How to Pray Like a Grownup

Quick Look No matter what the Great Professor says, prayer really can make you a better person. But not exactly the way they taught me when I was a kid. Kid Prayer was about reciting some words, earning little stars by my name, … Continue reading

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Zen Moments

Quick Look Zen has been setting up a tent in America for forty years or so, giving it plenty of time to trickle down into pop culture. Lately, seems people use the term “Zen” to mean everything from “spacing out,” … Continue reading

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Quick Look Few people get organized by hanging a new key rack near the front door, or buying another filing cabinet. Unless the confusion is tracked down to its hiding place, the key rack won’t get used or the panic … Continue reading

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Side-stepping Narcissism

If you’re too wrapped up in yourself, ya gotta reach out to a higher power who is outside your self. Immediately! Before you drown. Go worship. But if God has become a hollow idea/concept (a “head-trip”), connect to your inner … Continue reading

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Echo on Narcissism, New Age

  At that time my heart was all broke I looked like ashes and smelled like smoke And I turned away from my loving kind Tried to leave my body and live in my mind. James Taylor, Line ’em Up … Continue reading

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Narcissus (One More Selfie?)

Quick Look Religion projects all sorts of psychological stuff outward, and calls it God. “Spirituality” gets self-obsessed. What a mess. A Tale My Christian evangelical friends worry that I’m not going to church. “You need to worship,” they say, or … Continue reading

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